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Melbourne Acrobatic and
Dance Studio


Come with us to our


Our Dance Training

We have classes for ages 2 and up.

Genres include:

Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hip-hop, Acrobatics and Contemporary.

Our teachers are experienced an qualified in their field Read more more about them below.

Our Students


Our Studio


At Melbourne Acrobatic and Dance Studio we pride ourselves on delivering quality Dance Education through nurturing and passionate teaching. 

Our philosophy is learning through positive reinforcement and we always have fun whilst learning. We are passionate about safe dance practice and technique and our teachers are consistently participating in professional development. Our teachers are both experienced and qualified in their field. Miss Natalie's motto is "Never stop learning". 


Community values are extremely important to us and we pride ourselves on being a very welcoming, inclusive studio. We want your child to thrive in ability and confidence. No matter whether your child wants to dance for fun, or take it more seriously, there is a place at MAD for you.

Our students often refer to our Studio as the 'MAD Family, which is exactly the kind of community atmosphere we endeavour to create.

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What people say..


"What a beautiful environment for my daughter to learn within.

She has been there for the past three years, since she was 2yo,

and was cared for with such a nurturing touch by Miss Natalie.

She looks forward to her dance classes every week and the annual concerts are incredible.

There's a lovely community within the school too, with the "big girls" looking after the "little girls" and a really friendly parent network.

Can't imagine sending my daughter anywhere else!

"Bec", Dance Mum.


Chloe White, senior student

"10 years ago I was lucky enough to find Melbourne Acrobatic and Dance Studio and I haven’t been able to stop dancing ever since. Never in a million years could I have predicted that I would find such a loving, passionate and positive environment like MAD studios. It is undeniable how much blood, sweat and tears go into every dance, performance and costume here at MAD. Not to mention the amazing faculty who have taught me so many valuable lessons not just in dance but in life. MAD allows you to explore so many different styles of dance including ballet, jazz, tap and much more! Over the years MAD studios have become like my second family and I don’t know what I would do without this crazy bunch of people!"


Monika Jurisic, senior student.

"MAD is an incredible studio and I never leave a class without a smile on my face. 

Even though I started dancing later than some of the other girls at the studio, I have never felt more nurtured and at home thanks to the friends I’ve made over the years and the wonderful teachers. 

Dancing is the highlight of my week and it is amazing to go to a studio with great discipline and people".

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