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Q: Do we have a Concert, and is it compulsory?

A: Yes, we actually have 2 concerts during the year. The first, our mid-year concert is usually held in the 2nd last week of term 2. This is purely a chance to let the students (especially new students) have the opportunity to perform on stage for experience and helps with confidence for the end of the year shows- No costumes required, just class uniform.

Our end of year concert is an absolute thrill for the students (and their parents), whilst also showcasing what they have achieved during the year. There are costumes, which you purchase- NO sewing or running around required, it is all done for you and then they are yours to keep! We endeavour to keep costs as reasonable as possible, whilst maintaining a high quality and standard.

No, the concerts are not compulsory, but very rewarding!

Q: Do we do exams, and are they compulsory?

A: Yes, we do R.A.D. (Royal Academy of Dancing) exams for Ballet and C.S.T.D. Exams (Commonwealth Society of Teachers of Dancing) for Tap. In 2019 started Acrobatic Arts Exams also! (Exam students have minimum requirements to participate in exams).

Exams are NOT compulsory. Our schools endeavours to cater for both the recreational and more serious student. You can participate in these classes to help improve technique without having to do the exam.

If you do wish to do an exam, they are a great way to track progress and work towards a goal and give the students a great sense of achievement, which will help promote confidence which they will carry throughout their personal life. Please see Miss Natalie if you wish to work towards an exam and she will help you choose the appropriate class.

Q: Can I watch the class?

A: You're welcome observe the first class from our viewing window.  We understand Pre-School aged children may be anxious and may have their parent may sit in if you wish. We usually have time at the end of our weekly classes to show our grown ups what we have been working on for this age.

We encourage parents to leave their children as soon as possible as children concentrate much better and have less anxiety if they aren't being "watched". From that point onwards, parents are kindly asked to wait outside the classroom in the foyer or you are able to drop and go. All children under 12 years of age must be accompanied on entry and exit by a parent or guardian as to comply with our council permit regulations.


Q: Can I attend a free trial?

A: Yes, we offer a free trial class for all classes (provided they are not at capacity) for the first 2 weeks of every Term.

After that point, we still offer trial at a regular 1 off lesson price, so you are still able to try before you commit. We dedicate the first 2 weeks each term (with the exception of Term 4, which is "Concert Term"), to trials and after that point we have to focus on class work for the particular performance or exams we are working on.


Q: Is there a uniform and is it compulsory?

A: Yes, we have a uniform for all dancers.  You can find this info on page 9 of our Infopack


Q: Does my daughter need a bun?

A: Yes, for ages 6 and up, ballet. Good grooming is part of dancing especially ballet. A bun is worn to avoid distraction, to help with balance and to avoid getting hair in the eyes- especially when we are turning as it can hurt the eyes.

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